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RMS Instruments has been the Canadian Representative for Geometrics airborne magnetometers for several decades. More recently, we have also undertaken representation of their land, mobile and marine magnetometer lines.

Airborne Magnetometers G-882A

G-822A – High-resolution Cesium magnetometer:

  • Designed for all airborne and mobile applications, and multi-sensor installations
  • Automatic hemisphere switching
  • Highest Sensitivity: < 0.001 nT/HertzHz RMS
  • Very low heading error: ±0.15nT over entire 360º equatorial and polar spins
  • Gradiometer arrays offering real-time compensation of up to eight separate sensors, with RMS Instruments’ AARC500-series Adaptive Aeromagnetic Real-Time Compensators
  • Outstanding reliability and ruggedness

G-822A Data Sheet PDF


G-823A – Cesium magnetometer with internal counter:

  • Airborne and mobile applications with multi-sensor array capability
  • High Sensitivity – 0.004 nT/HertzHz RMS with the CM-201 mini-counter
  • Very low heading error - ±0.15nT over 360º equatorial and polar spins. Systems supplied with spin curves for gradiometer installation curve matching
  • Versatility – CM-201 counter includes 6 channel 12 bit A/D converters for digitization of altimeter or other analog signals, digital data stream concatenation
  • Reliability and ruggedness – Cesium magnetometers never need to be returned to the factory for calibration or tuning!
  • Gradiometer arrays offering simultaneous operation of up to 8 separate sensors using the designed-in concatenation of the CM-201 internal mini-counter

G-823A Data Sheet PDF


G-862RBS – Cesium base-station magnetometer:

  • High Sensitivity cesium vapor magnetometer with the CM-221 Mini-Counter – 0.004 nT/HertzHz RMS performance
  • Automatic measurement timed by integrated Tallysman TW5341 GPS antenna/receiver
  • Each magnetometer reading concatenated with GPS data
  • Magnetometer data and GPS time coordinates recorded in ASCII data file on high capacity USB memory stick
  • Low power consumption (30 W) and operable from 10-36 VDC or 110-240 VAC 50-60 Hz external power sources
  • System includes nonmagnetic, collapsible tripod sensor stand with attachment hardware for magnetometer sensor, sensor driver/counter module, GPS antenna/receiver, and data logger
  • Weatherproof components, packed in a durable watertight shipping/storage case ready for immediate use
  • Bluetooth capability built in to data logger permits display on Android device

G-862RBS Data Sheet PDF

Land/Mobile Magnetometers G-858

G-858 MagMapper – Portable Cesium magnetometer for mining, oil/gas, utilities, UXO, archaeology, environmental surveys:

  • High performance Cesium vapor magnetometer
  • Very high sensitivity 0.01 nT and sample speed up to 10 per second. Cover two acres (1 ha) per hour for target search
  • Options include dual sensor gradiometer operation, non-magnetic cart, integrated GPS and navigation light bar
  • Simple to use, powerful analysis tools – system is supplied with MagMap2000 and MagPick for plotting, filtering and analyzing magnetic data.

G-858 Data Sheet PDF


G-859 Mineral Mag – a professional magnetic mapping system for minerals, petroleum and geologic survey:

  • Excellent performance – low noise/high sensitivity, best in the industry – 0.008nT/HertzHz RMS – and world wide operation
  • Very fast – log mag and GPS at up to 5 samples per second for economic large area surveys at high sample density
  • Integrated GPS/backpack – includes non-magnetic backpack and Novatel™ WAAS/ EGNOS ready GPS
  • Low AC field interference – best in the industry for rejecting AC power line grid noise (50/60 Hz)
  • Easy-to-use – simple setup and rapid in-field map generation with the free MagMap2000™ software
  • Reliability – Cesium sensors never need calibration or factory realignment. Designed for extreme ruggedness and reliability
  • Designed for large surveys Mining/Oil/Gas – this versatile tool is specially designed for large area surveys with 8 hr data storage capacity and two 6 hr. battery packs

G-859 Data Sheet PDF


G-857 – portable proton magnetometer:

  • 0.1 nT resolution and sensitivity
  • Versatile - total field, gradiometer surveys or base station applications
  • Rugged weatherproof construction
  • Download to PC with MagMap2000TM software
  • Console records GPS position and time from Garmin Oregon 450
  • GPS in-field steering option
  • Designed for use by experienced and non-skilled personnel
  • Digital memory - 65,000 readings

G-857 Data Sheet PDF

Marine Magnetometers G-882

G-882 – Mini-marine Cesium magnetometer System:

  • Cesium vapor high performance – highest detection range and probability of detecting all sized ferrous targets
  • New streamlined design for tow safety – low probability of fouling in lines or rocks
  • New quick conversion from nose to to CG tow – simply remove a stainless steel locking pin, move tow point and reinsert. New easy carry handle built in!
  • New internal CM-221 counter module – provides Flash RAM for storage of default parameters set by user
  • New Echosounder/Altimeter option
  • New depth rating – 4,000 psi
  • Highest sensitivity in the industry – 0.004 nT/HertzHz RMS with the internal CM-221 mini-counter
  • Easy portability & handling – no winch required, single man operation, 44 lbs. With 200 ft. cable (without weights or depressor wing)
  • Combine two systems for increased coverage – internal CM-221 mini-counter provides multi-sensor data concatenation allowing side by side coverage which maximizes detection of small targets and reduces noise

G-882 Data Sheet PDF

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