Data Acquisition

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RMS Instruments’ series of data acquisition and recording systems for geophysical applications comprises products similar to those in the (D)AARC5XX family of aeromagnetic compensation systems, but targeted to applications that do not require compensation for aircraft effects.

These data acquisition systems constitute the central point in complex systems in which numerous signals must be sampled, monitored and recorded, in real-time, with accurate correlation to an absolute time and position reference provided by GPS receivers. The systems are designed to offer a balance of flexibility and ease of use. Configuration is through a simple, intuitive user interface. From the operator's perspective, only a few mouse clicks are required to run the system.

The main emphasis is on magnetometry – the systems include all the interfaces and processing required for multiple (up to 8) high-sensitivity magnetometer sensors. Additionally, support is provided to handle the outputs of virtually any device used in airborne/mobile geophysical exploration, and other environmental/monitoring systems. The user can define the sampling rates for the different inputs, as well as recording formats. Signals can be monitored in real-time graphically and numerically in high-resolution displays.

The analog interfaces have high resolution (at least 16 bits), and a variety of configurations (number of inputs, differential or single-ended, etc.). They are self-calibrating, and designed with careful attention to anti-aliasing, noise immunity, crosstalk minimization, performance and reliability. Multiple digital I/O interfaces are supported. They typically include electrically-isolated asynchronous serial (RS232/422) ports, still very common in many instruments, as well as high-speed interfaces (10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet) found in more modern devices. A comprehensive collection of flexible protocols is supported, with practically unlimited buffering space. The systems employ rugged (solid-state) embedded recording media; data are recorded in an efficient format, under the highly-reliable file system structure provided by the RTOS.

Unlike the data collection systems typically used in "mainstream" applications, the data acquisition and recording systems made by RMS Instruments are designed for real-time applications with strict timing constraints, and very demanding requirements for reliability under extreme environmental conditions. The systems are designed to provide accurate synchronization of all data sources to GPS time and position. The hardware is state-of-the-art, industrial-grade. At the core of the software lies a powerful and reliable RTOS (real-time operating system). Data acquisition, graphical monitoring of signals and system performance, synchronization/output to external devices, and data recording, all work concurrently, seamlessly, and within the real-time framework of the applications.

DAS500 Data Acquisition System - data sheet and specifications PDF

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